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Groleau Flooring

Wood, pure and simple.


Manufacturing in Canada since 1903

Groleau Flooring brings out the best in wood, crafting this rich, noble material in inventive and ecological ways for your benefit. Just like our products, the Groleau Flooring team is known for its authenticity, consistency and longevity!



The values we bring to our work are honesty, simplicity and transparency. The wood that makes up our raw material is always authentic, pure and natural.


Our company has been known and established for many years, due to the quality of our products and service. Our floorings meet the strictest standards, guaranteeing you a product of the very highest quality.


Passed down through several generations, our company has been in the wood business for more than 100 years. The respect we show for the environment is reflected in our policies of sustainable development. A well-maintained Groleau floor lasts a lifetime.

A family history

Working in the forestry industry in 1903, our founder Théodore Groleau was the forerunner of a long line of passionate hard workers. This work ethic was inherited by his son Josaphat and grandson Paul. Next to take up the mantle was Paul’s daughter, Louise, who managed the business for some years before passing the reins to her two sons in 2005. Thus, a great deal of knowledge and experience has been passed down through several generations.



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