Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


Ever since its founding, Groleau Flooring has applied a number of environmentally-friendly measures at its facilities. We are continually improving our manufacturing methods and equipment to maximize resource use and reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable and renewable raw materials

Hardwood floors provide greater durability than most floors made from synthetic materials. Wood, when combined with sensitive forest management, is a highly renewable natural resource.

Maximizing resource use with mosaic parquets

The manufacturing method for producing mosaic parquet makes for a very eco-friendly product. Almost 95% of the original raw wood plank becomes usable as flooring, keeping wastage to a minimum. Using the same amount of raw wood, a mosaic parquet floor will cover twice the surface area of a traditional strip floor.

Recovery of wood residue

All the wood residue we produce, like sawdust and small woodchips, is recovered for other uses. The residue generated at Groleau Flooring is turned into ecological logs, pellets and bags of kindling. No wood product residue from our factory is dumped at landfill sites.

Glue and varnishes

Groleau Flooring uses products that are the least harmful to the environment.



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